Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In boxing, it's often called the "second wind" when the boxer is almost done and suddenly he recovers his composure and confidence and starts pummeling his opponent in a mad rush to survive the battle.

I don't know what writers call this. The really talented ones always have something to write about and they keep on writing. Not so lesser talents like me who have to think and pause before taking on the keyboard. But sometimes there's this mad rush to the keyboard that starts with a whisper within, telling me, hey, you've got to put it down on paper or better yet on the screen,

So here I am, on an All Souls' Day, unloading my maladies. That was actually the idea behind this blog "Random Thoughts." It's not supposed to be organized, written nicely. It's a come-what-may thing. I don't even know its real worth except as an exercise of typing skills that alternate between four fingers - two on the left and two on the right.

So if you happen to pass by, you know what you're into. You might stumble into a few gems once in a while, but they will be as rare as a gold find on a solid rock.

 Fossil watch

Now some 12 years later, I am rearranging my short articles, hoping to put order to my jumbled thoughts years ago and make a sense out of them. Probably it's my advancing years that's prodding me to do it.

So here goes.